Here are some things that you probably didn’t know about your USB and its creator, Ajay Bhatt:

  1. It is one heck of a technology. Maybe you haven’t acknowledged just how handy this gadget is. Perhaps you didn’t know how ridiculously complicated it was back then to connect a simple printer to a computer. I remember as a child, it would literally take a good thirty minutes trying to figure out which wire went into where. There was a lot of fumbling about at the back of the computer and near-misses as I tried to plug in the pronged cable which to add to the general confusion, also had screws on them.
  2. It was invented by a man named Ajay Bhatt. Who has since been portrayed by the media as a techie rock star by way of TV ads. Which is a complete irony since he is a man who firmly believes that a group is more important than the individual. In fact, Bhatt is careful to describe himself as the “co-creator” of USB, giving a nod to other Intel workers, particularly Bala Cadambi, who had a hand in its creation.
  3. Ajay Bhatt was parodied on the wildly popular Tonight with Conan O’Brien by the actor Sunil Narkar.
  4. The USB version 3.0 will be up to ten times faster than the older 2.0 version.
  5. Bhatt wanted to eliminate the need to install special software into your computer every time you needed to plug in a peripheral device. There simply was no guarantee back then that your computer would read or acknowledge your plugged in device.
  6. The inspiration behind the USB is a wall socket. A wall socket epitomized the design and simplicity that Bhatt knew would work well with his vision.
  7. The genius behind the USB is the quiet revolution that Bhatt put into action that all computers and gadgets should cooperate and talk in one universal language. And so when you plug an external gadget like your digital camera, your laptop readily recognizes the files and goes about its business downloading or copying the images from your camera.
  8. All USB plugs are compatible with each other. So even if you find yourself purchasing a brand new computer, you may still use the same USB plug from your old model. You save yourself time because you don’t need to upgrade / download / install anything to your new gadget. Nifty isn’t it?
  9. USB’s had some competition in the market. It goes by a connection called Firewire, which is mostly used in higher-end gadgets. The USB however need not be alarmed for its strength lies in its ability to connect and cooperate with almost any given device!
  10. It wasn’t easy to end up with the finished product. To get there, Bhatt had to convince nearly every computer and gadget maker in the world to get on board a single gadget that would connect everything together. Lucky for us, Bhatt had high convincing powers.