I have a simple question for you, do staff, students or workshop participants keep their training materials? Or are they put aside never to be used again?

The most effective way to distribute training material, courseware or instructions is digitally. If you want to make it memorable and at the same time beneficial then promotional USB flash drives are the perfect solution. So instead of printing all of your material and supplementary documents why not present it on a USB drive and save the environment as well.

This not only has financial benefits for trainings and workshops, but also allows staff to add video resources and other information at no additional cost. Another great advantage is when future updates are made (and we know updates are always made) it is just a click and drag solution! The stress of wasting time on printing deadlines, delivery time frames and finding the most economic printer suddenly vanishes.

Moving forward with the digital world, students or participants will not need to worry about where they will be able to find a place to store hard copies or folders of material. Typically at the end of training printed manuals end up somewhere out of sight, lost or perhaps in the trash! Storing things digitally enhances efficiency, productivity and accessibility to the information.

Providing promotional USB flash drives is also a great marketing tool as it can act as a brand extension and help promote your product or service. This is simply done by having a company logo printed on the item, which makes it a valued gift that will always promote the organisation for a long time ahead. Everyone ends up smiling with the most important being your students or clients, as they leave with a useful promotional USB flash drive that they can use for many different purposes. Student or client satisfaction will most certainly leave any business manager happy, in addition to the fact that time and money has been efficiently used.

Regardless of your age or task, promotional USB flash drives are beneficial for all. Whether you are a student trying to complete your school work, or a professional in the workplace. Flash drives are useful for all ages and purposes. No more need for CD ROMS or floppy disks, promotional USB sticks are suited to anything digital and are great for everyone.

There is nothing worse than spending money on a storage device only to have it damaged or scratched in no time, ruining your important files. That is why promotional USB flash drives are well trusted, as they are reliable and not as easily scratched or damaged compared to a CD ROM or floppy disk. Flash drives are popular for their ability to store and transfer documents from one computer to another in minimal time. They are great for storing and transferring files such as music, movies, games, videos and photos, to be able to share them with close family and friends, especially when these files are too large to be transferred by email. The ability to back up important documents and files is also of great importance and as technology progresses, the functions of promotional USB flash drives also increases.

Do you have many promotional pens lying around from company’s and organisations trying to promote their product? These days more and more organisations are using promotional USB memory sticks instead of other overused promotional products. This is because USB sticks are valued, useful and will not be easily lost, broken, thrown away or simply unwanted. By giving away a small gift, it shows clients that their business is valued and appreciated. It is considered to be a small investment to become top of mind and encourage repeat business.